Born in 1979 in northwest Sardinia, a beautiful island in
the middle
of the Mediterranean Sea, Fabio Fresi is an Italian composer currently
living in the ancient Roman city of Porto Torres.

As in the best early music tradition, it was his passion for singing
that prompted him to first approach the art of composing, particularly
the combination of different voices that he describes as the “most
eclectic instruments of all”.

The degree in languages and foreign literatures (he studied Spanish,
Catalan and English) has proved to be pivotal when choosing the lyrics
to accompany his music.

His compositions, characterized by different styles, languages and
themes, are regularly performed in more than 30 countries across
Europe, Asia andthe Americas.

Fresi has been a member of the mixed choir Cantori della Resurrezione
(Porto Torres, Italy), directed by M°Antonio Sanna, since it was
founded in 1997. The vocal ensemble specialise mainly in the
Renaissance-Baroque repertoire as well as contemporary authors.
As of January 2017 Mr.Fresi leads the ensemble as Director